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Université Populaire du 14e


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I think i have found the fix for the PC Freeze Issues with the NVIDIA Drivers. 
Game used to run fin with 383.53 but i downloaded both the 388.71.  
First start the XBOX APP on the PC. ( PS: Step 1 : Delete the XBOX APP that you already have through the Powershell a 
nd Re-Install the APP) Steps on how to delete are at bottom . 
Once you start the XBOX APP - Start the Gears of War 4 Game from the APP - Do not load the game from NVIDIA APP or Directly from the Start Menu. 
Once you start the Game , go to Settings and turn off ASYNC COMPUTE. You can also leave it on but to be safe turn it off. 
(I tried with both ASYNC Compute On and Off for 4 Days Now) Not a single crash?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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